About Massage Integration: Dallas Mobile Spa Massage Services

Massage Integration, LLC is a growing Dallas based company that specializes in on-site relaxation services and products for business class hotels, small and large companies, and individuals. It is owned and operated by massage therapist and Reiki Master, Lisa Lazo. With their team of outstanding massage professionals they are raising the standard of out-call massage services in the Dallas Fort Worth area by providing convenient, easy to schedule services that are customized to their clients’ wellness needs.

Lisa Lazo, LMT is a compassionate, intuitive massage therapist and business woman who is also the owner of Massage Integration, LLC. She has worked and gained valuable experience in both the massage/wellness and medical field since 1998. Within this time she has gained an understanding and appreciation for both allopathic medicine and eastern healing practices.  She is convinced, however, that the healer is within each individual person and that the most important journey in this lifetime is the nurturing of one’s own body, mind, and spirit. As a massage therapist and Reiki master she is here to help her clients know themselves better through the bodywork/energywork she provides and to facilitate the healing they need most in that moment with her. As the owner of Massage Integration, LLC, it is her commitment that her company delivers on exceptional bodywork, customer service, and most importantly to leave the client in a happier, healthier, more peaceful place.

Lisa is also a singer/songwriter and feels that both her passions for music and healing go hand and hand. She could not successfully be one without the other. You can listen and purchase her music at LisaLazo.com 

About The Logo – The nameMassage Integration was chosen because it truly expresses what the company is all about. First of all, the word “integration” embodies the two most important aspects of our business: first, integrating massage into any environment such as the home, hotel, or office, and second, integrating the body, mind, and spirit through massage therapy, energy work, or any other relaxation and healing practices that Massage Integration supports. The image of the sun and moon beautifully represents duality-the femine and masculine energies coming together equally to create wholeness, unity, balance, and health. This harmony is vital and represents who we are as a company and what we are committed to providing our clients.