The lymphatic system is a major factor in your body’s battle to ward off infection and heal injuries. The lymphatic flow is usually very sluggish in most people and especially in those who have less active lifestyles.

Massage therapy not only improves the circulation of blood and its vital nutrients, but also increases the circulation of lymph in your lymphatic system, which helps your body fight off infection.

There have been many studies that shows that a therapeutic massage can increase the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity. This is the ability or activity level of the bodies natural “killer cells.” Studies also show the decrease in the number of T-cells. What the T-cells do is improve the bodies immune functioning overall. So the immune system is working at peak performance.

Research shows that massage therapy strengthens the immune system in the following ways:

  • Relieve physical and mental stress: by decreasing muscle tension in the back, shoulder, and neck muscles
  • Improve sleep quality: by relieving stress and aiding in relaxation
  • Nurture a general sense of well being by increasing body awareness and improving posture through massage
  • Psychological benefits: the one-on-one interaction of massage reduces anxiety, depression, and stress, mental clarity and alertness are enhanced
Regular massage may help to strengthen the immune system, due to increase in white blood cells, reduces oedema (excess fluids in the tissue) by increasing lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins from the system. Help boost your immune system with a massage by Massage Integration today!