Muscles can become tights and ineffective for many reasons. Stress, injury, poor circulation, overuse and misuse can cause you pain and discomfort as well as restrict range of motion. When left unattended, these conditions can become habitual and hinder quality of life. Massage therapy stretches and loosens tight muscles and connective tissue, breaking down and preventing further formation of adhesions and freeing your range of motion.

Massage therapy has an amazing effect on your body’s parasympathetic nervous system; it counteracts your body’s negative response to stress, relaxing the muscle tension and allowing your heat rate, blood pressure and circulation to return to normal. Massage releases contracted muscles and pushes venous blood towards the heart, thus easing the strain on this vital organ. This increase in circulation brings energy producing nutrients and oxygen to your cells as well as carries away metabolic waste products that can make you feel listless and drained.

In addition, massage therapy increases your body’s oxygen carrying red blood cell count helping to bring even more oxygen to your body’s cells. Massage therapy relaxes tense muscles and calms the nervous system, causing your body’s rhythm to slow down. When this happens, your blood pressure lowers, your heart rate settles and your breathing becomes deeper and more rhythmic, priming you for a perfect night’s sleep.

Relax tired, achy, overworked muscles with our convenient, soothing massage by Massage Integration!