Release Emotional Energy Blocks with Healing Reiki Massage & Bodywork Therapy

Emotional Energy Centers of the Body with Healing Reiki Massage by Massage IntegrationEach of us has vital energy or life force which circulates between the organs of the body, and on a cellular level within the muscle tissue. If this energy becomes blocked, the part of the body relating to the blockage is affected. By using specific pressure techniques, they can be detected through the experience of pain, or through the presence of “gritty areas”, often referred to as crystal deposits. These occur in the part of the foot or hand that relates to the part of the body that is in imbalance. The massage techniques used are designed to dissipate energy blocks and break down crystalline structures. Massaging the feet and or hands can provide relief throughout the body. Through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and by encouraging the release of toxin, massage promotes the body to heal itself. The techniques used are very relaxing and result in an overall sense of well being. 

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Massage and pressure techniques are used to work the specific reflex points, which relate to all areas and organs of the body. Over time, the energy currents that naturally flow through the body can build up an accumulation of energy, or blockage, at various points. These “energy blocks” interrupt the smooth flow energy throughout the body, causing pain, disorder, disease or whatever problems that which may require healing. By working the reflex points in the feet for instance, energy blocks can be removed, resulting in freely flowing energy currents, and returning the body to balance. energy blocks can be caused by many things, including stress, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, preservatives, and other toxins.

Besides the muscles, glands and nerves, the human body has a magnetic field that directs the systems, and maintains energy balance.  A massage therapist can work to access the magnetic current and its movement patterns, to release energy blocks.

Help to release any potential energy blocks with a massage by Massage Integration. We offer relaxing and therapeutic massage therapy with Reiki and Integrated Healing techniques to help you release old stuck energy that your body is telling you to let go off. You no longer have to carry this heavy, painful baggage around with you any more.

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