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Ninety percent of men and 95% of women suffer from a headache each year. Headaches are one of the most common medical conditions. Actually, there are 150 different types.

Migraines are vascular headaches caused by dilated or inflamed blood vessels in the head. Women suffer from migraines more often than men. Massage therapy decreases the frequency of migraines and ensures migraine sufferers a better nights sleep. Massage stimulates production of the hormone serotonin, which is a natural pain killer. Migraine headaches are usually accompanied with low serotonin levels. 

Tension headaches are the most frequent type. Muscles tension in the head, neck, shoulders and face was once considered as a cause for this pain, but researchers now believe headaches are chemically triggered. Massage therapy can provide relief and shortens the time and severity of your tension headache attack. It is proven that deep tissue massage to the neck and shoulders gives headache relief. 

Cluster headaches are maybe the most painful type. Sufferers feel sharp burning pain on one side of the head and behind the eyes. They come in groups, are thus are named cluster headaches. These headaches have several causes mainly connected to nerve hypersensitivity and irritations, and hypothalamus dysfunctions. They occur mainly in men. Smoking and drinking alcohol put you at a higher risk of getting them. 

Massage therapy is a very important tool in headache pain relief. Due to different reasons the muscles in your shoulders, neck and the back of your head can become tender and stiff, and pressure points (known as trigger points) within these muscles producing severe headache pain. When a therapist works on the trigger points, muscle tension eases; there is less pressure on the nerves and blood vessels; and as a result the pain can be effectively decreased. Massage is also known as a great way for reducing the anxiety and mental stress that can cause or worsen headaches in the first place. 

If your body is relaxed, so is your mind. Your anxiety diminishes, your nervous system calms, your breath slows and deepens, and your feeling of well-being is restored. Book your massage with Massage Integration today!


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"Thank you so much for the massage yesterday. I went home so relaxed and slept like a baby. I feel even more relaxed this morning. Again, thank you for working wonders on my back"

April - Irving Las Colinas

"Can not thank you enough for working on me Lisa! And for allowing me to vent :-) I am jammin again this morning"
Scott - The W Hotel Dallas

"Thank you for the professional demeanor with which you handled the corporate chair massage for our office. Everyone LOVED the massages, we want you guys back every month!"
Valerie - Alure Uptown Dallas

"Wow, Your Reiki & Energy Work is Awesome"
David - Southwest Airlines