When you think of a spa massage, most often what comes to mind is laying down on a cushioned massage table. Massage Integration offers the same type of full body table massage at your home, hotel, office or event.

Benefits of Table Massage

The benefits of table massage are that you get to completely relax lying down. Typically half of the massage time is spent with you face up and half of the massage time is spent facing down. The two exceptions to this are if you are getting a prenatal massage or by personal request (sometimes you want more work on an area).

Space Requirements for Table Massage

A massage table takes up space. A face cradle extends the actual massage table as well. Additionally, your massage therapist will need to walk around all four sides of the massage table with ease. That being said, most people’s living rooms and bedrooms can easily accommodate a massage table. If you can imagine someone six feet tall lying down with arms outstretched — that’s about the size space needed to have mobile home massage.