What is the Human Aura, how it applies to energetic healing?

The Human Aura is an amazingly colorful energetic structure that permeates through and all around the physical body. Many people who have developed their subtle energy senses can see the aura. It contains all the information about who we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It contains the blue print of our soul’s purpose, the history of this incarnation, our past incarnations and much more. There are seven layers to the aura, all of them corresponding and flowing in and out of each of the seven main chakras.

The following is an excellent video describing the Human Aura:

The Seven Layers of the Auric Field: From the Book Hands of Light

By Barbara Ann Brennan

  • Layer 1: The Etheric Body; Physical Sensations – painful and pleasurable
  • Layer 2: The Emotional Body; Personal Emotions
  • Layer 3: The Mental Body; Thinking/Rational World
  • Layer 4: The Astral Layer; Emotions/All Relationships
  • Layer 5: The Etheric Template Body; Divine Will
  • Layer 6: The Celestial Body; Higher Feelings/Divine Love
  • Layer 7: The Ketheric Template or Causal Body; Divine Mind